When you purchase any item on our site, a portion of the sale will be donated to Kahuku high school.


Sell Custom Made Apparel Without
Risk or Cost

Raise Funds
You can raise funds for your school,

team or a specific player. There’s no
limit to your potential.

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Custom apparel boosts spirits, inspires a sense of community and brings your supporters together.

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Thousands of individuals are
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Hiteez acts as content for your social channels. Supporters spread your message like walking, talking billboards.

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It’s easy to put custom apparel up for sale on a Hiteez.com. We create your design and you share to your friends and family.

No Risk or Inventory
Sell custom apparel without buying any products upfront or worrying about handling inventory. We do it all for you!

How Loyal Tees

Fundraising Works

We print and ship shirts to your supporters and send you a % of the profits

Our professional artists will use your input to create a sweet design for your teams shirts.

You promote your players design to your family, friends and community so they can show their support

We do all the work! Print your items on t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, flags and other items and process the orders

You collect a fundraising check of a % of all merchandise sold

It's that Easy

We love to help. In fact we love to help all types of teams, families, schools or individuals raise money for the things that their student athletes needs. We help you fundraising for things like uniforms, trips, transportation, equipment and anything you need to help your student athletes succeed.